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Acumatica Webinars for October

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Smart Supply Chain Strategies for SMBs, October 04 @ 11AM PST

Supply chain challenges are certainly not new, but recent times have taken supply chain disruption to a new high. In this webinar Acumatica speakers discuss intelligent supply chain strategies allowing companies to deliver excellent customer service in terms of lead time and availability without breaking the bank.

Essential Sales, Marketing, and Support Solution for Increasing Revenue and Customer Satisfaction, October 05 @ 11AM PST

Imagine what your business’s life could be like with integrated workflows that automate processes, keep key tasks moving, and share KPIs in real time. Attend this webinar to:

  • Gain an understanding of the unique power of CRM software

  • See how a CRM workflow maximizes leads, opportunities, and case management

  • Get an inside look at how Acumatica’s CRM solution performs

Boost Home Goods and Furnishings Sales with Proven D2C and B2B Strategies, October 06 @ 11AM PST

Learn how modern business technologies can boost your home goods and furnishings sales. With cohesive online commerce and in-store point of sale applications, you can garner seamless data integration between platforms. In this webinar you will gain insight into:

  • How to pivot to online sales while protecting traditional sales channels

  • Features supporting eCommerce or retail platforms for B2B or B2C sales

  • Integration points to consider between retail or commerce platform and the back-office ERP software

  • Resources to help you in your commerce journey

How to Streamline Manufacturing Product Design, October 12 @ 11AM PST

Learn how to streamline manufacturing product design with Acumatica's core engineering tools. In this webinar you will gain insight into:

  • Why it is crucial to implement systems to manage engineering changes

  • How to use Engineering Change Requests and Engineering Change Orders to document product revisions

  • How to simplify bill of material revisions with mass updates and a robust engineering workbench application

  • How to automate revision approvals using a modern ERP application

Field Service Management Essentials, October 18 @ 11AM PST

Learn how Acumatica field services tools work to improve field service processes. This webinar will highlight:

  • What are the service management tools in Acumatica

  • How to process work through from taking the call to billing for work performed

  • How these tools can cross industries – construction, distribution, manufacturing, services

Tips and Tricks: Manufacturing Edition, October 20 @ 11AM PST

Review tips and tricks that will help you save time and use Acumatica Manufacturing Edition more effectively. In this webinar you will gain insight into:

  • Independent vs Dependent Demand

  • MRP Goals

  • MRP Basic Steps

  • MRP Input/Outputs

  • Data Accuracy Key to MRP

Building a Solid Foundation for your Construction Business, October 25 @ 11AM PST

Access critical insights and features thriving construction businesses utilize to mitigate issues and stimulate growth. In this webinar you will gain insight into:

  • Discover how to eliminate departmental silos to foster collaboration

  • Connect your accounting with your construction business

  • Generate project related, job cost reports

  • Seamlessly calculate material and labor costs

  • Get an inside look at Acumatica Construction Edition

Retail Tools to Strengthen Customer Experiences, October 26 @ 11AM PST

Strengthen the customer experience with a single source of truth for all your business data. Soon, you will increase engagement and optimize your business management processes. This webinar will highlight how you can:

  • Benefit from investing in a single source of truth for all your business data – Products, Customers, Orders, Fulfillment, Accounting, etc.

  • Sync POS, eCommerce, Marketplaces, and EDI in one place

  • Automate back-office processes and eliminate human error

Harmonize eBOMs and mBOMs with CADTALK for Acumatica, October 27 @ 11AM PST

In manufacturing, it’s best to keep your engineering bill of material (eBOM) in sync with the manufacturing bill of material (mBOM). Find out how to seamlessly do so with CADTALK and Acumatica. This webinar will address some of these engineering pains:

  • Engineers must toggle between CAD and ERP systems to find information

  • There are always discrepancies between your eBOM and mBOM

  • Engineers manually update manufacturing bills of material and routings in the ERP application

  • It takes way too long to hand off engineering revisions to the manufacturing production team

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