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Acumatica Webinars for September

Making Modern Retail Operations Seamless with Acumatica, Sep 7 @ 10AM PST

Unlock insights that will empower you to master omnichannel retail, grow your business, and stay ahead of the competition. Join our webinar to see how Acumatica Retail-Commerce Edition will set you up to:

  • Explore diverse sales channels and expand your loyal customer base

  • Effortlessly sync point-of-sale (POS), eCommerce, online marketplaces, and electronic data interchange (EDI) in a single, user-friendly platform

  • Gain valuable, real-time visibility into the flow of customer and order data – companywide

Why Acumatica Cloud ERP Outshines QuickBooks, Sep 12 @ 10AM PST

Register today to discover how you can garner a competitive edge by switching from QuickBooks to Acumatica Cloud ERP. In this webinar you will gain insight into:

  • Benefits of switching from Quickbooks to Acumatica Cloud ERP

  • Modern consumption-based licensing that provides for unlimited user counts

  • An in-depth product tour of Acumatica Cloud ERP

  • User satisfaction summary with various vendor capabilities and product features

  • Phoenix Renovation and Restoration, Inc.’s real-life customer experience of switching from Quickbooks to Acumatica Cloud ERP

Quality Management for Distributors, Manufacturers, and Inventory-Centric Businesses, Sep 14 @ 10AM PST

Product quality is essential for wholesale distributors, retailers, commerce businesses, and manufacturers, and having the right software can make quality management less complicated. Quality Management by eWorkplace Apps is built into the Acumatica framework, providing a seamless solution for:

  • Managing and analyzing product quality data with data audits and multiple security levels

  • Implementing quality tests with acceptance quality limits (AQLs) and inspections

  • Managing non-conformance, corrective actions, and material disposition

  • Generating compliance documentation and data for certificates of analysis and other industry regulations

  • Streamlining lot and serial traceability for recalls

Sustainable Strategies: The Secret to Boosting Your Revenue and Reputation, Sep 19 @ 10AM PST

Learn how you can make your business more sustainable – and more profitable. In this webinar you will discover:

  • The benefits of sustainability and why it matters for your business’ long-term success

  • The current state of, and challenges associated with, SMB sustainability practices

  • Practical sustainability initiatives that your business can adopt

  • How sustainability factors into company strategy in your industry

Build Better Construction Operations with Acumatica, Sep 21 @ 10AM PST

Learn how Acumatica Cloud ERP connects and streamlines construction operations with:

  • Centralized data across your entire organization in a single database

  • Comprehensive change management and automatic updates to budgeted costs

  • A powerful mobile app, so your teams can access complete project information from the field

CRM: Perfecting the Contact-to-Cash Process, Sep 26 @ 10AM PST

Streamline your contact-to-cash process to revamp your sales operations, boost productivity, improve customer relationships, and increase your bottom line. During this webinar you’ll learn how Acumatica’s customer relationship management (CRM) software will help you effortlessly:

  • Create leads directly in the Acumatica CRM system

  • Use campaign management features to score leads

  • Nurture opportunities through the sales pipeline – from business account to customer

  • Analyze and diagnose pipeline health with opportunity summary reports

  • Create sales quotes and convert them to sales orders

  • Send invoices to customers

The Best Omnichannel Sales Strategies for the Home Goods and Furnishings Industry, Sep 28 @ 11AM PST

Learn how streamlined production and back-office operations for the home goods and furnishings industry is done with Acumatica. Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Boost sales, maximize resources, and improve profits with best-in-class applications

  • Build and maintain customer relationships with powerful CRM tools

  • Manage online B2B and B2C storefronts automatically

  • Balance supply and demand to improve operations and inventory visibility

  • Keep track of product options with matrix items and kits

  • Use companywide insights to grow revenue and contain costs

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