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Acumatica Webinars for August

How Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Specialty Contractors Maximize Operational Efficiency, Aug 1 @ 10AM PST

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing specialists take care of complex technical tasks for service-oriented jobs or while working as subcontractors for larger construction projects. At each job site, they collaborate with everyone-keeping a keen eye on their budget and on the project’s overall costs. They must also maintain complex certification, insurance, and compliance documentation, all while developing good relationships with larger general contractors and creating competitive bids to win work. Attend this webinar to learn how Acumatica Construction Edition can help specialty contractors overcome today’s challenges:

  • Track all costs and documentation for every job

  • Guarantee collaboration with mobile data access, so teams of fewer people can accomplish more

  • Ensure the right equipment and materials are available to complete each project

  • Transmit project updates in real-time to solve problems before they happen

Empowering Your Field Service Workforce with Mobile Solutions, Aug 9 @ 10AM PST

Optimize your field service workflows with the power of Acumatica’s Field Service mobile solution. Attend this webinar to:

  • Explore the Acumatica Field Service mobile solution, designed for todays’ technicians

  • Learn how to give technicians smooth, easy-to-use appointment schedules

  • See how Acumatica empowers technicians to communicate appointment details with the customer and the back office on the same day

  • Discover how to improve turnaround time, from field work to invoicing

CRM: Best Practices and Future Vision, Aug 15 @ 10AM PST

Acumatica CRM allows you to rapidly respond to customer requests, streamline the customer journey, and improve the overall customer experience. Team members can also capture real-time marketing, sales, billing, finance, and customer data-all in one place. But those are just the basics. Attend this webinar to achieve practical insights and strategies for:

  • Expertly feeding the sales funnel

  • Efficiently managing your sales pipeline

  • Improving customer retention and lifetime value

  • Integrating CRM with external systems (such as Microsoft Teams)

Streamlined Shipments: Why Acumatica and 3G Pacejet are an Essential Combination for Distributors, Retailers, and Manufacturers, Aug 23 @ 11AM PST

Register now to learn how to simplify your complex order fulfillment and shipping processes with Acumatica and 3G Pacejet. Attend this webinar to learn:

  • What features shipping software should have for specific industry segments

  • How automating shipping processes can benefit your business

  • How to identify and avoid common shipping mistakes

  • How to configure shipping software integrations to make them work best for you

Drive Sustainable and Predictable Growth with Strategic Distribution Metrics and KPIs, Aug 30 @ 11AM PST

Learn how Acumatica customer Dekra Lites used Acumatica Dashboards and business intelligence to streamline planning for their seasonal distribution and service business. They use it to:

  • Benchmark their performance against industry peers

  • Boost sales, maximize resources, and improve profits

  • Increase inventory turns while reducing carrying costs

  • Empower employees with role-based dashboards, flexible reporting, and robust business intelligence

  • Manage their businesses by exception, focusing on the most essential metrics

  • Access real-time insights for monitoring strategic business process improvement initiatives

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