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Discover the Future of Acumatica: Unveiling the 2023 R2 Launch Event

Step into the forefront of innovation with the Acumatica 2023 R2 Launch Event – an exclusive opportunity for Acumatica's esteemed customers, partners, and developers to gain an insider's perspective on Acumatica's cutting-edge, user-friendly features. By registering for this complimentary online event, you secure your access to the General Session, along with the chance to dive deep into one of five distinct breakout sessions tailored to your interests:

  1. Manufacturing

  2. Distribution

  3. Construction Edition

  4. Retail Edition

  5. Developer Session

These sessions will be succinct yet insightful, offering live demonstrations that highlight the latest transformative updates to the premier cloud ERP product. As an attendee, your voice matters – engage directly with Acumatica's Product Team members, inquire about intricacies, and share your invaluable feedback.

Introducing Acumatica 2023 R2: Intuitive Design, Flawless Execution

Prepare to be astounded by the revolutionary, intuitive, and personalized features awaiting you in Acumatica 2023 R2. These enhancements will further elevate the remarkable user-friendliness and functionality that Acumatica's cloud ERP software is renowned for. Guided by insights from customers and driven by Chief Product Officer Ali Jani's directive for "seamless execution," the product development team is striving to make these features seamlessly integrated, almost imperceptible yet undeniably impactful.

The Resounding Verdict from Our Users

The success of our endeavors is best reflected in the resounding reviews from genuine Acumatica users. According to G2's Summer 2023 reports, Acumatica has clinched the top spot in critical categories, including Best Relationship (Project-Based ERP), Easiest to Use (Small-Business Distribution ERP), and the prestigious Momentum Leader Badge (ERP Systems). Notably, Acumatica has also secured the pinnacle position in Nucleus Research's highly respected SMB ERP Technology Value Matrix 2023 report.

Your Invitation to Shape the Future

Plan to partake in the Acumatica 2023 R2 virtual launch event, where you'll glean profound insights into Acumatica's latest advancements. Beyond that, this event serves as a platform for you to contribute your perspectives and insights, playing a pivotal role in guiding Acumatica's roadmap toward an even more remarkable future. Your presence is eagerly awaited – let's collectively envision the possibilities!

Save the Date (Oct 5th) and Secure Your Spot

Mark your calendar for this unmissable event that holds the key to revolutionizing your ERP experience. Reserve your spot today and gear up to witness the unfolding of Acumatica's future-focused vision. Register Here!

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