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You are looking for a financial system, and a partner, to do more than just accounting software.  You want a business management solution to help answer important questions like "How is our cash flow?" and "Should we make this investment now?"  You need to work with people who understand your industry, your business, and the pressures you face on a daily basis.  You need flexibility and accuracy in your financial reporting.  And you don't want to pay any more for a system than necessary.   We provide the following services and know-how to accomplish that goal.

  • Needs Analysis

  • Software Selection

  • Software Installation

  • System Implementation

  • Project Management

  • Classroom Training

  • On-site Training

  • On-site Support

  • Remote Desktop Support

  • Telephone Support

  • E-mail Support

  • Data Migration/Conversion

  • Customization

  • Custom Reports

  • Custom Forms

  • System Integration

  • Upgrades

  • Software Research

  • Strategy and Planning Meetings

ProActive Care


Extraordinary service is the result of anticipating the need and providing the solution before your customer requires it.


Clients want to know why they should sign up for a fixed price support contract, as opposed to a pay-as-you-go plan.  Following is a discussion of the factors that might influence you to sign up for a fixed price plan.

Known Costs

Support costs are known in advance, can be budgeted for and remain fixed for the term of the contract.  For work beyond the scope of the support contract, fixed price quotes ensure that you have the opportunity to review and approve each task prior to spending any additional money. 

Improved System Utilization

Without a fixed price support plan, users refrain from calling for technical support.  Sometimes they try to solve problems by themselves or simply try to ignore problems and hope they will go away.  In some cases, they create bigger issues than they started with.  When the user does call for technical support, the subsequent invoice creates additional problems when management starts asking questions about the invoice.  After a while, users learn that it is better to do nothing rather than call for support.

With a fixed price plan, users are encouraged to call for support.  Problems and mistakes are quickly identified and resolved.  We have a big incentive to ensure that problems do not re-occur.  The user becomes curious about using system features that improve productivity.  User job satisfaction improves as he/she learns how to use the system properly.

Performance Guarantee

We guarantee the response times provided in the support plan.  We also guarantee your 100% satisfaction with the services provided.

The Bottom Line

We share the same objective – you want a system that runs smoothly, has minimal errors and disruptions, comprises significant data integrity and provide the functionality you need to run your business.

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